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25th September
written by Dame Suzy

I have the opportunity to watch Italian Serie A games, often in high resolution, but I find myself more often than not disappointed. Part of it is my ignorance of the players, so I don’t get personally involved, but I see bad play as well. Just today I saw Roma versus Inter Milan, and there are some moments and lots of shots on goal, but nothing of amazing quality minus the daring and successful header in the last seconds of stoppage time. I am familiar with Brazilian Júlio César and Marco Borriello, the man whose newest hairstyle he copied from Pepe le Pew, the famed cartoon skunk, but other than that, none of these boys sound familiar. It doesn’t help that Italy’s national team features players without reputations. I’ll give them another shot or two, but I don’t expect anything revolutionary. On the other hand, that Roma crowd is exceptional! You can imagine the roar of the crowd being similar to when gladiators ripped each other apart.

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