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6th October
written by Dame Suzy

In the corner lounges a woman dressed modestly but whose subtle curves are obvious in a slim-fitting dress. Now imagine her with white blond hair. Not terribly mysterious looking, is she? Now imagine her with black hair. You can see she’s not an attention-getter; she’s confident in herself and her sexuality. It’s hard to be subtle with a shock of white-blond hair, unless you’re in Norway, in which case I’d rather be the brunette.

Jet black hair has a different allure than brown hair and trumps the blond. It’s associated with a deep sexuality, confidence, and mystery. Blonds? They like to be the center of attention, are approachable, are less intellectually appetizing. The darker Angelina Jolie goes, the hotter she looks.

Now let’s make it Megan Fox in that corner. With her dyed black hair and those blue eyes, she’s a stunner.

But what about in the other corner? The favorite platinum blonds we know and love, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. Christina as a dark-haired vixen looks like a failed transvestite, [Side note: I can’t find Gwen in dark hair, but I think she could actually pull it off, looking like a sultry Italian with her big brown eyes.]

Oh, look! Angelina Jolie just walked in the door and gave Megan a peck on the cheek.

More men would approach the blonds, but because blonds are seen as more approachable, less judgmental. Also, Angelina is intimidating. The guys going over to give it a try with Gwen and Christina would still spend many a wandering eye looking over at Megan and Angelina. The guys going over to Megan and Angelina? I can’t imagine them looking away for a second.

Sorry, I’d still rather be the dark-haired vixen. Oh, I already am. Cool. And did I mention I speak French? Ooh, la la.

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