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24th October
written by Dame Suzy

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying one of Philadelphia’s finest restaurants, Le Bec-Fin, for the second time. With French flair, it abandons classic French flavors (butter and salt) in favor of a rich fusion experience, at times delicate, at times decadent, but always creative and complementary to the current season. The night before my reservation is when I heard of its probable closure in May, forty years after its opening, almost thirty years at its current lavish location with 14-foot ceilings and numerous chandeliers.

It was four hours of delight and six (really more) courses, where I got the opportunity as I had done years before, to make the waitstaff – which is plentiful – laugh, pointing out for instance that the sauce poured on my Wagyu beef plate formed the shape of boobs.

Rumors of its closure in May saddened me, and its closure is being attributed to changing dining tastes, meaning gone with the long, expensive meals. The decadence of the past is fading. The four hours passed by like two, beginning with a packed dining room and ending with just a few tables and laughter from a private party in the back, and I was never bored. I could have stopped eating at any time but could not. In fact, I only had enough room for a portion of the three small servings of cake I asked for, though I could have asked for all twelve. Their all-you-can-eat dessert cart will be missed, its smiling waitstaff, its assurance that you will leave satisfied, its carriage of your taste buds to a world that will surely be missed.

Adieu, mon amour,
Dame Suzy

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