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1st November
written by Dame Suzy

Writing as much as I do about my sexcapades and celebrating my independence, it’s easy to think that this is all my romantic life is about. But in fact, the best sex I’ve ever had is hands-down, with my soul mate, who has consistently given me more pleasure than anyone else has ever. With him, I average six to eight orgasms every single time, but can easily reach twenty – a number that is usually not limited by him but by me, because damn-it – it’s exhausting!

The most I had reached until two nights ago was about 30 or 40. The fact is that I don’t count. It’s just pretty obvious when it becomes a huge number. The most I’ve reached with any other lover Is about four, the average being once or twice – which is sad I know! But the experience isn’t for the orgasms but for the newness and connection with another person.

Then came October 30, with the unnecessary but sometimes very fun assistance of Viagra. And my man wouldn’t let up, and I felt on the verge of passing out because I hold my breath when I come and if he continues to make me come, whoooa, I need some oxygen. And I feel like I don’t know how I’m going to survive but he keeps going, a mischievous grin on his face and the knowledge that he is about four times stronger than I am so I have no choice but to keep it going. In the past, I’ve tried not coming, but it’s useless. Once I’ve come a couple of times, my pubic muscles clench involuntarily, my vaginal tissues are swollen and super-sensitive, and mentally, I’m too exhausted not to just do what he wants me to. He finally lets himself go after I’ve come about 50 times.

And I see his big beautiful eyes, which look like different colors in different lighting, and some tendrils of hair loose around his face, and this is the man I continue to fall in love with, share a life with, raise a family with…

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