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1st December
written by Dame Suzy

In 2005, a white South African blood technician (or doctor depending on the source), Sonnet Ehlers, came up with an anti-rape device or rape trap, which was later named Rap-aXe. She did so in response to the shockingly high number of rapes, often of children, in Africa – over one million per year.The device works much like tire treadles – in one direction you proceed, but come out, your tires get popped – so in this case, the penis’s skin gets lodged in a series of sharp barbs and requires surgical removal. The pain is supposed to be so great as to effectively incapacitate the rapist, leaving enough time for the victim to push the rapist attached to the device out of her and run to safety. He also cannot urinate until it is removed.

Production was supposed to have begun in April of 2007, but did it? I found two websites via Wikipedia, [! both are non-functioning links as of Oct 7, 2011] and and did not find any current information other than the intention of the inventor to distribute these devices during the World Cup this past summer. However, the first site listed had a number of interesting facts and is worth a read-through. If the statistics and information are true, some of them are shocking. I used the comment form to inquire. I will let you know if I receive a response.

I do hope this is in production and readily available. I hate the fact that in parts of Africa, it is believed that sex with a virgin cures AIDS and that raping a woman can be construed as becoming a man. What the fuck is wrong with Africa anyway? No wonder when it was proposed to slaves in pre-Civil War America that they be sent back to Africa, they said, “Hell, no!”

Dec. 2, 1010 Update: within hours of sending my inquiry about Rape-aXe, I received a response stating that some rethinking had to be done but that it is in the approval stages. Alas, urgent matters take time. Good luck to them and to the women and children of Africa.

Oct 7, 2011 Update: Both of the links I listed above are no longer active, which makes me think the device in the end didn’t get approval or was ineffective. Sadness.

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