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13th January
written by Dame Suzy

It’s bad enough that I couldn’t remember his name, but his looks remind me so much of Robert Pattinson who also has a strangely-spelled last name that I wondered what had happened to him. I know he’d been in Jumper, which I saw in Europe possibly dubbed into another language, and that it had flopped, but other than that, I knew nothing. It turns out that he hasn’t been involved in much. I have added Shattered Glass to my queue which is a biopic about a lying journalist, but the others don’t seem noteworthy.

Could it be that the actor has taken quiet roles and rejected others in order to distance himself from Anakin and be able to be seen as other characters? If so, he’s done a great job. Unfortunately, he may just have missed the opportunity to maintain his value and gone down the trail of anonymity. Jumper’s lack of success had nothing to do with Mr. Christensen. I wish him the best.

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