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25th February
written by Dame Suzy

It only occurred to me recently that semen was what was causing me to feel somewhat unhappy in my coochie. I used to use condoms with sex almost always with my man, for years, mostly out of habit and that it had a tendency to keep the head of the penis big, which was awesome for me.

I didn’t find myself irritated when I was sleeping with other guys, but that was because it was always with condom, or in the case of a boyfriend, only a few times per week, and he would always come outside, just in case (though I was on the pill). But in the last couple of years, my man and I have been going condomless almost always during almost daily sex, and I can’t go as long as I’d like because it starts to burn.

I finally put two and two together, first pondering hmm…sex with my man sometimes hurts; it doesn’t with other guys – AHHH! It’s not that something’s different about my man; it’s that I am in contact with his semen, carrying some of it around with me on occasion all day long. Now that we know the problem, we can fix it. Back to condoms it is, not exclusively, but for irritant-free, pure-joy sex.