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12th August
written by Dame Suzy

Victoria Beckham for her endurance of four pregnancies in a relatively brief period of time, a successful clothing line and fashion icon status. Heidi Klum for her commitment to family and fabulousness. This new season of Project Runway has her appearing in gorgeous, chic clothing with a face to match. In previous seasons she’s appeared dowdy and plain, but not now! Jessica Simpson for her ability to climb out of her being perceived as “dumb” to producing shoes that are unparalled. Seriously, girl, your shoes are amazing!! Forget about your weight fluctuations, your contribution in the shoe department alone gives you A+ status in my book.

I had felt sorry when I’d seen Geena Davis in a movie about a decade ago looking old. I think she’s such a gorgeous, watchable actress and my favorite role of hers was in The Long Kiss Goodnight. According to recent pictures, she’s looking the beautiful starlet again! Yay!

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