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13th August
written by Dame Suzy

Have your cocaine, pot, heroin, crystal meth, cocaine, and all that, but don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt anyone but you.

Socially I’m pretty tolerant about drugs being done around me. I don’t feel like carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I sip my cocktail, down my shot, or have an ice cream, while those around me do the other stuff. If nothing better, it’s a study of the human animal at its most dependent.

But when I hear about another group of slayings performed by Mexican drug cartels, I’m furious. Fifty or a hundred Americans giving up drugs may save one life of the 41,000-and-counting dead neighbors to our south.

For me, it’s worth knowing that I’m not contributing to that figure with my bad habits. Though I won’t preach to people in public because that would be too much like religious crap, I’m writing here to encourage people to think about it. 41,000 isn’t incidental; it’s epidemic, as is the international nonchalance about the effect of our drug habits.

Have some strawberries instead and save a life.

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