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12th September
written by Dame Suzy

For some background read Taking turns – calling dibs on a girl

Layman, my Canadian friend with dark Andalusian features asked me what I thought his origins were. I told him Brazilian first, and he responded with, “But they’re white.” He told me he’s been told he looks Italian – I say nay – or Greek –but I say they’re white too, just hairy.

After a while he was itching to tell me, so he started dropping hints like, “I’m the enemy,” to which I involuntarily thought, “Sexy.” Only because he was already sexy and being forbidden was just an added bonus. Later he said, “I also speak Farsi,” in addition to his perfect North American English accent to which he added no hint of Canadian.

“Ah,” I said. “Persian?” And I say Persian because he and Rafa Jr. were too good-looking to be called a name that sounds like a mean-and-nasty person to my jaded ears, and though Persian brings to mind not dark, hairy manly hotties but cuddly girly kitties, it’s still far better than saying Iranian, especially in a Texas accent EYE-RAIN-EE-IN.

So yes, I brought him to my hotel room and we opened up to each other and it was fabulous. Except that he gave me a sample of his cock and WOW it felt awesome, and I was like YES, YES, and then came the disappointment way too quickly, what I name the alcohol-induced cock coma. And he told me that’s what happened when he drank too much. Damn it, then if you want to hook up, don’t drink so much. Ahhh, I wanted him to fuck me senseless. *Sigh*

The real enemy isn’t a nationality that sounds like a kitten or an evil magician, it’s the cock coma.