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29th September
written by Dame Suzy

I just bought Chasing Papi, a cute film from the last decade starring the bombshell Sofia Vergara and the stunning Rosalyn Sanchez but featuring arguably, at one point, the sexiest man on earth, Eduardo Verástegui.

When I last had visited Verástegui’s website, he had just ended a round of celebration on the film Bella. He went through a weird period of time where he sent mixed messages. Among his causes were celibacy before marriage – in his case, born-again celibacy. Another was trying to promote California Proposition 8, which would denounce gay marriage. But his main cause was the protection of the unborn, especially since so many Latino babies were victims of abortion. Visiting his website again last week, I am happy to say that he’s abandoned causes that simply distract from his objective and make him sound crazy.

He is now committed to the protection of the unborn, for which he spearheaded a Los Angeles-based clinic that offers free prenatal services to those in need. It opened recently.

Am I pro-life or pro-choice? I am BOTH. How is this possible?

What this means is that I believe a woman ultimately makes the decision to end the life of the unborn child, BUT I don’t believe it has to be easy. That is to say, go ahead and use whatever treatment necessary, but make them see videos representing both sides of the story, even a video of the procedure, even if they’re early enough to use the RU-?? drug. It’s not pretty business and they shouldn’t be blind to it. And even if they do have an abortion this time, this may serve as a nice deterrent for the future. And I recommend a requirement to see an ultrasound.

When I myself saw the ultrasound of my child at three months, I was amazed at how awesome she was, swirling around, how developed, how human. And years later, she’s still awesome and I get to be a hot mom, not someone worrying about trying to have kids before it’s too late.

The video Eduardo showed at one point on his site was a gruesome few minutes of aborted fetuses in a trashbag, the same video I think I was shown as a teenager. This by itself would be unseemly torture to a potential mother. But showing all sides to the story is just that; there are reasons to keep the baby and reasons not to, and we don’t have to paint over the truth just to make them feel better now. Because many or possibly most won’t always feel that way. Better to be fully informed.

And this, by the way, from Dame Suzy, an atheistic, gay-friendly, libertine, conscientious hedonist.

Would Eduardo Verástegui have been as successful in his march against abortion without his moviestar/dream god good looks? I don’t think so. It’s his sex appeal that makes people pay attention and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I for one am happy that he has bestowed upon the world so many images of his striking beauty, charm, and otherworldliness and gotten so many hearts pumping. Many good wishes to him, except stop gay-bashing, sweetheart.