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26th October
written by Dame Suzy

After I read the title of this article on women who suffer premature orgasms, I thought, “So what? They’ll just have more.” But then I read further. Apparently, for 40% of women, sometimes that’s it. Then it dawned on me. Are multi-orgasmic women that rare?

According to various sources only 15% of women are multi-orgasmic. I didn’t know we were so rare. Maybe that’s the reason sex is so important to me. And my man tells me maybe that’s why I don’t mind risking bad sex with men I’ve just met. Because I will likely still get an orgasm out of it and maybe a couple more.

Which may mean women who quickly sleep with men are more likely to be multi-orgasmic, which means that men who sleep with these easy women are more likely to be proud of themselves even though it has nothing to do with them.

This is not to say that I always come. There are some occasions where I simply cannot feel pleasure from someone, but usually that’s because the guy is lazy OR gives up too quickly on one position that would have produced an orgasm in just another thirty seconds.

If I am really turned on, I can come in 10 seconds and it’s easy to have more soon after. Actually, most men I meet won’t find out I can come easily twenty times in an hour simply by continuing to do what works. They think it should be hard so they try to be clever and do different things.

So easy women are actually great lays. The ones who you have to date for a long time before they sleep with you – maybe these are the women who can’t come easily, or worse, have one premature orgasm before pushing you off of her and falling asleep. Hmm, women can fuck like men after all.

5th October
written by Dame Suzy

I generally don’t advocate divorce as a fix to anything, but I have to say that those people who have a romance, marry, then divorce, have another romance, then marry – it’s not a bad idea. You don’t have to be in an open relationship to experience fabulous romances in the long road of life. Open relationships can be messy because you have to juggle being in love with one person, loving another sometimes, hating her other times – it’s exhausting.

Highlights of the divorce plan?

1. You won’t appear sleazy to people as a married person trying to cheat. Many won’t believe you when you say you’re in an open relationship.
2. After you file your divorce papers, you are free to screw anything and anyone in sight, not worrying about how it affects your marriage or hurts the other person.
3. You can feel liberated in just being in love with one person at a time and ride that whole rollercoaster all over again. There’s no worry about falling out of love with someone and ruining lives. With a divorce, you’ve already ruined your ex’s life as much as you would with a loveless marriage and cheating.
4. You don’t have to put the toilet seat down anymore and pick up his clothes that he’s flung all over the place. He’s not there anymore!
5. No more nagging! If there is any, it’s about alimony and it’s over the phone which features an awesome function called hanging up.
6. if you’re free, a new lover could actually treat you like a potential romantic partner instead of someone to have just for the night or for the next hour. You don’t already belong to someone else so they don’t have to close themselves off emotionally, though single people usually do nowadays so be prepared.

So instead of being arrogant and saying open marriage is way better than divorce, I conclude that it’s just another option on the menu.

2nd October
written by Dame Suzy

I have slept with two ex-athletes, which is not a lot, but let me tell you something, I learned a lot.

Mark was 27 at the time and had just stopped cycling professionally, mostly in Belgium. He was tall, blond, and blue-eyed, not my typical eye candy but he had the winning ingredients of wit, charm, style (cufflinks) and attentiveness.

He told me how while he was an athlete, he hadn’t had the time or energy to date much less perform. It was hours of training every day and shared lodging with other cyclists on his team.

Luckily, when I met him, he was as free as a bird, cycling for fun but retaining his incredible back full of hundreds of defined muscles. And he was the first lover I’d had who was rough and knew what he wanted. He was also polite about it so I trusted him, which gave us both freedom to go all out. And the sex was fantastic because his big-headed cock was designed to please. As soon as he entered, I would be about to come. And what a workout!

He decided to make me his girl during his vacation, so we saw each other three times that week, and I visited him in New York a few months later. He made the time to be with me, that’s the point.

Athletes are always on the road, and when they are up for it, there are plenty of women to be had, and the sex is probably selfish. When they’re at home, they’re tired from practice and can roll over after they come. Plus there can be a girlfriend or two to battle it out with. Not exactly a recipe for passion, romance, or good sex, and I care about quality, not status symbols.

Never say never, but if I meet an athlete and his friend is a former athlete, I’ll rub up against the latter.