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1st December
written by Dame Suzy

And no, I’m not talking about Ashton Kutcher but I suppose I’ll give him honorable mention as a savvy entertainer.

It started with an article I read about Clark Gable’s love child Judy Lewis. Then, I’d read that his first wife, whom he married at age 24 had been 15 years older than he, or 39, and his second wife when he was 29, 17 years older, a ripe 46. His subsequent marriages were to younger women, Carole Lombard by 6 years (reasonable), and Kay Williams, 16 (reasonable for an aging star).

Recently, I’d also read that powerful screen presence and stud Hugh Jackman (43), was married to a woman 13 years his senior (56), a fellow actor.

I also remember how John Travolta (24) had had a deep relationship with an older woman, Diana Hyland (40), 16 years older, until her death from breast cancer.

So what attracts men to older women? How about just giving up and saying people fall in love without regard to age. You click, you have passion, and you’re from the same universe. Maybe you love nurturing women, who cares? I click with younger men, but I look their age, act and feel it too, so what does that mean?

Men have plenty of time to divorce (if they want) and remarry younger women, or stick it out. You didn’t have a chance with the Hollywood stud anyway, except a quickie in a hotel room. So, stop being shocked and move on. I know I did.

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