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22nd January
written by Dame Suzy

When I first read the article about the live rape, my first thought was, “How disgusting!” Daniel Echaniz, a cast member of the Brazilian Big Brother, had had sex with Monique Amin while she was passed-out from being drunk, and those filming the act did nothing but keep rolling the video cameras.

Then my, “innocent till proven guilty” chip kicked in and I googled his name. Many pictures that indicated, “4 days ago,” etc. showed the two of them in bed together, one with him looking sleepy and her leaning over him.

Suddenly, I thought, “Perhaps they were already having sex together. She could very well have consented to sex but been drunk enough to have blacked it out.” Suddenly my outrage was put on the backburner and my faith in the goodness of most people resurfaced.

I clicked on one of the photos of them together which brought me to the Argentine Noticiero Diario‘s article which quoted, “Both confirmed that they drunk alcoholic beverages but were conscious of what was happening, confirmed that they touched each other under the blanket,” said Antonio Nunes, of the civil police, without being able to confirm if there was penetration then the young woman “did not want to undergo a physical examination of crime.”

Oh, so much for the scandal. Another couple having drunken sex. And now I feel sorry for having detested the guy. Luckily my disgust lasted only two minutes.

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