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10th May
written by Dame Suzy

This is pretty much off the top of my head, so stay tuned for more thoughts on the subject.

1) Is it your ability at foreplay? No, not for this girl. Foreplay is seeing you across the room and having “Mrrowr” ooze through my lips. This kind of visual foreplay would lead to my coming the first time in 10-20 seconds if you were to take me right then and there. But as a general rule, girls like this. I do like a finger having a look-see. Nothing like a couple of orgasms before the main event.

2) Oral? Cute and considerate but unnecessary. Yes, I know. I endured eleven progressively more painful laser hair removal sessions to achieve near baby-soft smoothness in my supple areas, but just give it to me already. As a general rule, girls do like this, especially clitty girls (ones who come primarily from clitoral stimulation).

3) At times – like in public, when you don’t feel like giving the druggy homeless person a show, you can caress her cheek (either one), stroke the nape of her neck or kiss/devour it, run a finger down her cleavage or brush her breast, stroke an earlobe, or place your hand at the base of her spine in the small of her back. If you’re sitting down, you can stroke your thigh, knee, elbow, whatever’s in reach. But you can also just sit there, just out of arm’s reach, looking away for enough time where she can stare at you and long for you. Just make sure that when you do return her gaze you’re not aloof.

4) If I look like I’m about to come, don’t change positions – wait the few seconds, then switch, geez. This has happened several times, so it’s not just one idiot.

5) For Christ’s sakes, smile once in awhile. Don’t look like you’re taking a math test that will determine what college you go to. Work some but enjoy yourself. And don’t race to the next exciting position or thing you do. It is okay to stick with what works.

6) If you find things are drying out, lube things up. Use saliva or lube. Alcohol can dry you out and the girl isn’t necessarily going to be a wetness machine. Some of these young guys think, “What a horrible condom” when dry friction rips it. Duh.

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