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18th May
written by Dame Suzy

No. If there weren’t images bombarding us at grocery stores, online, and in Victoria’s Secret catalogs, we would look for these ideals ourselves. Smart women would look at magazines showcasing ideals they had a shot in hell at reaching. Even Forever21 features a large-woman line of clothing. Go there if you’re larger and see images you see in the mirror. Look at celebrity cellulite pictures to show that rich folks are human too. We all know what human is. We don’t want that in our catalogs and fashion magazines. I want to see fit, trim women – to know what that looks like and to aspire to. I’ll never be a swimsuit model, but I do want to look as good as I can. I don’t want to see pictures of average women in swimsuits precisely because it’s not inspirational. Granted I don’t think the models have to be as thin as they sometimes are, but they’re toned and look healthy enough, so good enough.

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