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19th May
written by Dame Suzy

In response to this XOJane article featuring a wimpy-looking guy saying something that’s supposed to be provocative, I had to add my two cents. This is the comment I posted.

I dig the equivalent to, “If you want it, you have to come get it.” Once done in Paris by a hot little buff Spaniard in a wife beater with just a come hither finger gesture, another time by a 6-foot-4, built Italian personal trainer in Barcelona, with the words, “You have to come find me if you want your kisses” – the two-cheeked greeting Europeans give…I did get my kisses and then some which provoked my saying a pretty good line too, “Your kisses are like music” which I said in Italian which is even better – “I tuoi baci sono come musica.” Good times.
Note: I don’t believe the wimpy-looking guy in the clip. He’s the kind of guy who ends up laying back and making you do all the work.

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