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23rd September
written by Dame Suzy

Expendables 2 created in me a renewed interest in all things old-school action. The biggest disappointment of the movie was that I did not get to see many of Jean Claude Van Damme‘s powerful yet graceful moves. I re-rented his movie Kickboxer, for which he choreographed and directed all the fight scenes, and was again wowed by the beauty of his skills, not to mention the superbness of his physique. Many of his other films feature too much ammunition, and in fact the scenes in Expendables 2 I enjoyed the most were the martial arts scenes. I mean, hello, you’ve got Van Damme, Jet Li, Jason Statham, and Chuck Norris! I then looked up Van Damme’s bio and found that he had married the gorgeous Gladys Portugues, former female bodybuilding champion, who approaching the age of 55, is still stunning. He actually married her twice, from 1987-1992, and after another marriage, again from 1999 till now! They have three gorgeous/handsome kids and still smile and kid around on the red carpet. Hugs to you and your family from me and mine!

For a quite enlightening article about Jean Claude, read this Guardian UK article.

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