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14th January
written by Dame Suzy

It took Style Network to alert me to a new service being offered in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. They’re debuting a show called Built which features attractive, built handymen doing work in your home. I had thought of this a few years ago after being fortunate enough to have a handsome plumber do some work for me. Who wouldn’t $$ pay extra for that? How much entertainment and eye candy do you think the average woman sees in a week? Not much.

I’m so glad to see my ideas come to fruition. Another idea that came about after I put a condom on my toe; I had just ordered a hundred condoms for a business school class presentation and was playing with a few. When I held the latex tight, I felt much less than when the latex was free to move around. Only a year or so later, which means it had been someone else’s idea long before mine – I saw the condom in the store – it was tighter at the base and looser and less restrictive at the top.

I DO wonder, of course, how often Hott and Handy handymen get propositioned by customers for some extra TLC. *Sigh* Probably not as often as I’d like to pretend for fantasy purposes. 🙂

Since I don’t live in any of those cities, I’ll have to just live with my fantasies, but they’ll be aided and abetted by the visual stimulation of that new show. The (albeit lame and uninformative) website for the company is here at

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