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3rd March
written by Dame Suzy

Yeah, I’m not dead. Sorry to those who have posted comments that have not appeared. I’ve been letting WordPress just automatically update and one of those must have f-ed something up because the few precious and appreciated comments I did have disappeared and new ones that would have normally been auto-approved haven’t been. I’m going to put those up as soon as I can, and grrr, sorry. I know how long you probably took to write those words.

Right after my trip Down Under, I started a business – Delaware C-corp and trademark lawyers and whatnot. Not much fun to be had in the romance department I’m afraid, though perhaps that will change on my upcoming long-awaited trip. In the meantime, I will try to concoct a lovely erotic fictional story for my and your benefit.


  1. Chris

    It’s just good to know that you’re well and busy with life. Romaintic adventures ebb and flow, but the rest of life keeps calling to us. Nice to see your posting.

  2. Dame Suzy

    Thank you, Chris!

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