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The purpose of this blog is to entertain in a refreshingly blunt and light-hearted manner. I will include commentary, real stories and fiction, with a heavy leaning toward sex, often explicit. I like to celebrate people in the public eye, especially women because I have a few things in common with them. And I also like to vent, so enjoy or argue with me there.

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I am a vibrant, sexy woman…sometimes. An international party girl when I travel, who speaks a number of European languages, I don’t do drugs and have never been arrested…yet. I have been in love and loved at different times the same man for more than a decade, and he has given me two children. I like to blame him for the traits of theirs I’m not crazy about. I have also fallen in love with several other men over the years, one in twenty-four hours.

I believe in open relationships, but I would never say that it’s the solution for everyone; it just works for me. An open relationship is not easy and it’s not ideal – there is no such thing. I will write about it from time to time, about the great or bad but neat things I’ve experienced as a result of it.

My openness as a person makes me the recipient of many secrets told. Thank you all who have made my life richer by sharing yours.

I am not always happy; sometimes I am shockingly sad. But I try to maintain a positive attitude and pass that on, though my sarcastic humor does sting from time to time, especially drunk people.

I need to add that most of the time, I live a very normal life – even boring, just like you. 🙂

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