fact or fiction?

20th September
written by Dame Suzy

It would be more dramatic if I actually said which superhero he played, but it would be too easy to identify the actor and anger his wife.

So here’s the deal. I was in a store in Hollywood looking like a punk student in a hot pink velour hoodie and shiny cargo pants, when I noticed a very handsome 40-something-year-old. “ Hmm,” I thought. “Los Angeles keeps their men looking very nice.” Within a few minutes, he had my number. The next day after having lunch, he guessed my weight at 105 pounds, but I said I was 115 because I had wide hips. He asked if he could test them out, and I said sure, so he wrapped his hands around my ass for a little grope. I love good-looking people who speak with their hands.

We weren’t able to see each other again till the last hour I was in L.A. – I was about to take the bus to the airport – but he insisted that he would drive me. So he took me to his gorgeous home in the Hollywood Hills where we spent a rushed fifteen minutes fondling each other. We brought each other to orgasm, and then off to the airport it was, where he picked me up off the ground, like a hero to his damsel in distress, and off I flew back home.