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29th September
written by Dame Suzy

One of the biggest concerns of women considering breast implants is what size to get. The funny thing is that I could easily come up with names of B-sized beauties – Eva Mendes, Marion Cotillard, Gisele Bündchen, many Hollywood starlets (though on the small side), and the larger Victoria’s Secret models (most are very skinny A cups). D-cup bombshells like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Salma Hayek, are also memorable for their boobs. But I couldn’t think of anyone in between, with C-cups. Where was the middle ground? Apparently, the fashion of having large but moderate-sized boobs went away with the 1990’s.

I consider Harry Connick Jr.’s wife, Jill Goodacre the most gorgeous and iconic Victoria’s Secret model of all time. Just google “Jill Goodacre Victoria’s” in images and you’ll see what I mean. She’s got long shapely legs, exotic eyes and lips, and large but not humongous natural boobs. Among her images, I found’s page celebrating ten supermodels of the 90’s, most with C-sized boobs. I don’t know why they went out of fashion, but they deserve a revisit.

Ah, I just thought of a real live C girl from today, Angelina Jolie. That’s a tribute to her that I can’t remember she’s a C-cup because she’s done so much more with her career and her life, that and the team of kids she takes care of.

But who else will step forward and represent the C-cup women?

19th September
written by Dame Suzy

That was the most combative match I’ve seen either team play in awhile. Nineteen-year-old David De Gea was the obvious star as he creatively saved an onslaught of goal attempts from Lionel Messi, Pedro, David Villa and others.  Toward the end of the game, Victor Valdes was visibly fatigued, but De Gea looked like he could play another ninety minutes.

Flooded with yellow cards and one red, the worst part of the match was Messi’s exit via stretcher in stoppage time. The second worst part of the match was seeing a sea of unshaven faces. Kun Agüero, recently receiving my applause for the shorter hair style which lets his striking, manly facial features shine, had one. Pep Guardiola looked like he’d had a bad week, a usually groomed or at least trim face overrun by wildness. Even baby-faced De Gea let his boyish facial hair peek up where he had some, Gerard Piqué was the Catalan Santa Claus, and Quique Sanchez Flores, whom I’ve never ever seen less-than-polished was bushy. Had I been authorized, I’d have run around the field with hedge clippers.

There may be a correlation between the violence and the bushes – too  much testosterone. Leave the hormones for the bedroom, boys, and get back to civilized, skilled play and handsome faces clean enough to lick.

18th September
written by Dame Suzy

I did something new last night. It had been the first time I’d had a cocktail in over a month, having been preparing for breast augmentation and then recovering from surgery. Though I was sleep-deprived, I was even more determined to have a cocktail at my favorite bar. Downtown, I was so happy to be out, and two cocktails later I was giddy and silly and buzzed. After I had some steak tacos and another drink, my man raised the white flag, and we headed home. En route, driving down a crowded street, I felt so confident in my enhanced body, I slipped out of my black velvet halter dress but kept on my velvet/patent Mary Jane platform stilettos. The amplified breasts already looked very good just two-and-a-half weeks after surgery, looking pushed-up when they’re actually free, but not weird, just big. Which is fine! I’d never been naked in a moving car before, and it was liberating! Yay, boobs! What other crazy things will the girls make me do?

16th September
written by Dame Suzy

To be honest, I don’t think that 5’3” is short. I myself am 5’3.55” tall – I added the hundredths place to show you that I’m not stretching numbers. If I were, I could round up to 5’4”. So who are petite celebrities you might not realize are so pocket-sized? It’s even more difficult to determine as they often lie. But first, why do they look so tall on screen? Shoot pictures/video from below, you make the actor look taller. From above, shorter. Hire shorter extras, make the lead actors look taller. Shoot close-up or medium-shot scenes with multiple actors, you raise one closer to the level of the other. This has been done with me; I act and model though nothing glamorous. Audiences want the actors to be able to look more eye-to-eye. It looks awkward otherwise. Additionally, a person’s body type can make them look taller or shorter. Megan Fox looks tall because she is very slender. She also has a 22” waist.

Probable heights

Megan Fox: 5’3”

Salma Hayek 5’2”

Rose McGowan: 5’2”

Fergie Ferguson: 5’1” to 5”2”

Kylie Minogue – 5’1” – her height is emphasized by her super-tall Spanish boyfriend, 6’4” model Andrés Velencoso

Avril Lavigne – 5’2½”

Christina Aguilera – 5’2”

Shannen Dougherty – 5’2”

Alyssa Milano – 5’2”

Lil’Kim – 4’11”

There are a lot more mentioned in this forum thread.

Shorties can date anyone, and get amped up in heels

There are advantages to being small. I am almost never too tall for any guy I meet. Even 6’2” or 6’3” guys have not been too tall. And though I prefer guys between 5”8” and 5’11”, I’ve dated a few fabulous 5’6” or 5’7” guys, it’s just that I then am a bit too tall in 3” heels, and with this platform craze still going on, I’m easily 5’8” in heels.

In conclusion, don’t call us short. Because spiked heels can injure sensitive man parts.