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28th October
written by Dame Suzy

Lots of stuff has gone down even in the last year and I finally feel like writing again.

First of all, poor Lamar Odom, forever cursed with a humiliating experience under the roof of a brothel resort complex. I had a dream the other day that he in fact had gotten into a bike accident because of the failure of a specialized part on the tire. He only fell unconscious later so so did not know that was the cause. So you see? That was the real culprit, in my most excusing of unconscious brains.

It’s a pity that the world had to find out about the reported circumstances of his medical emergency. Would we have found out if he were part of a sports team with a great fixer like Olivia Pope? I know, she’s not real, but surely there are people like her who could have managed to sweep this under the rug. Was this a publicity stunt by the Love Ranch? Indeed, according to TMZ reporting on October 19, 2015, the brothel after the incident had a month-long waiting list. Although the Inquisitr reports it was just for the suite in which Odom stayed which is much less surprising.

Wouldn’t this be bad publicity for them considering that their clients probably want to remain anonymous? Apparently they don’t care. The owner is even going after Odom to settle his bill, according to the same Inquisitr article I link to above.

Well, if this experience made humiliating by the press-hungry Love Ranch was the thing that brought two lovebirds together, they have nothing to be ashamed of. Perhaps for the Kardashians show they could devise a situation that pushes the boundaries of happy fantasy that could at least make this last story pale in comparison.

In truth, that is what I think would be an awesome happy ending to a near-tragic tale. Best of luck to Khloe and Lamar.

20th March
written by Dame Suzy

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, along with the assistance of eight workers in different cities, performed hundreds of murders of  babies, in the guise of abortion.This is the most shocking part of this story to me, that not one person was a participant but a whole group of monsters masquerading as people. But there are several vile facts of this case. The doctor kept feet of his victims in specimen containers on a shelf, and equally disturbing is the fact that the only place I can find this gruesome information is on pro-life blogs and news sites. I wasn’t sure if it was a myth or not until I saw the photo on this blog. Who the f* are media organizations protecting by hiding this information? Hm, could it be women? Because there is a belief that women should have a choice in deciding to terminate their pregnancies with no other regard and without full disclosure?

I firmly believe in the right to choice with full disclosure, but I do NOT believe in the right to a blind abortion, meaning you don’t see the results of what is being done, and you aren’t even required to see a sonogram of the life growing inside you. I remember what it was like seeing my baby girl swirling around inside me. It was amazing and unexpected even though I had always wanted her! And of course being required to see this life would sway many potential mothers’ minds into declining to abort. But why is that considered such a horrible thing and an affront to pro-choice advocates? Why is that aspect damaging to a woman’s rights? I don’t get it! Patients are even shown pictures of tumors that surgeons are planning to cut out of our bodies. There is something fundamentally wrong about a society thinking that the ease with which one can obtain an abortion is more important than anything else.

In Dr. Gosnell and clan’s case, abortion organizations knew this murder was going on for years and did nothing about it! That’s insane to me! I can only imagine they were protecting the whole right to blind abortion. Well, stop it already! Talk about barbarian practices! Turning a blind eye to such horrors is beyond infuriating.

These abortions took place one block from a medical center, less than one mile where I lived as a college student. This deeply saddens me.

Extracting the fetus alive and cutting its spine or slitting its throat without remorse is horrific. One of the pro-life sites pointed out that killing the baby inside the mother, then chopping it up to make it easier to remove is also horrific. And although I am pained by such imagery, I know that I do not want to take away a woman’s right to a full-disclosure abortion. As long as she knows that is what is happening and can live with that fact, I have to allow her that right. Life is tough, raising a baby on your own is tough, giving your baby up for adoption is tough, living with the guilt of abortion is also tough. How many people forget that Norma L. McCorvey, aka Jane Roe, for which Roe v. Wade is named, denied an abortion which led to the suit, later became a pro-life advocate?  Pro-choice proponents would say that’s irrelevant, but it’s not! I’m not saying that it means abortion is evil and that her being pro-life means abortion should be illegal. I disagree. I am simply saying that it’s information that one should consider when talking about the case Roe v. Wade. As part of my full disclosure, I will say that according to Wikipedia, she kept her first child who was raised in part by her mother, gave the second baby up for adoption, and in fact gave the baby the case was about also up for adoption. She also denied she was a lesbian though lived as one, in order to enter the Roman Catholic church. Not exactly a poster mother by any stretch, but nonetheless, her path in life? Worth looking at when studying the abortion question, because it points out how emotional this topic can be.

My man pointed out that developing countries are already feeling the pains from low birth rates because of an aging population and not enough young working people to bolster the economy. And meanwhile, we are ending the (for some, potential) lives of 1.2 million a year in this country alone. He has a controversial suggestion, but one that shouldn’t be considered such given the wide berth abortion is given today. He suggests that abortion clinics must have an adoption program and that the consultation needs to include not only termination options but adoption ones as well. It’s not about forcing a woman one way or the other. It’s about not funneling a woman who often feels alone and helpless into one choice, which is not a choice at all, is it?

This is a subject I am passionate about if you couldn’t tell. I don’t want to force anyone’s hand, but I do want them to be conscious of the results of their decisions in probably the most important matter there is.

25th September
written by Dame Suzy

I read this article about the Springtown school district in Texas allowing male adults (as opposed to same-sex paddling which was never disputed) to paddle girls, which was disturbing enough, but then the article ended saying that corporal punishment was allowed in three-quarters of Texas school districts. A little behind the times, are we, Texas? My kids are lucky they’re enrolled in less medieval schools, but I cringe to think of people jerking off to YouTube videos of these paddlings. Not to mention that an overzealous paddler could break someone’s tailbone, and that there are way easier ways to punish girls – take away their phone, you’ll break them without having to break any body parts.

12th July
written by Dame Suzy

I stumbled upon this Fox News article about Andrew McLaren and my curiosity about this gorgeous man with an impressive past (and future?) took me to finding video on him on YouTube. There’s a well-done video of him doing the rounds as he begins a campaign to win a vacant Congressional seat:

I do love someone whom I can look at and listen to who does not at least appear to think along party lines. He believes in gay marriage, family values, gun rights, and the value of human life – not exactly opinions that mesh in the current political climate.

Hearing my man (as awesome as he is most of the time) rant about Obama all day long and get angry when I give a contrasting opinion, it’s refreshing to know that it’s not all about Republican versus Democrat out there.

Good luck to you, Mr. McLaren.

23rd May
written by Dame Suzy

I’ve been watching a lot of old Cold Case episodes – the fictional crime series that aired from 2003-2010 that tackles cold cases from anywhere from a year to decades-old. For the most part, though, I’ve noticed that when they do find the culprit, there’s no feeling of victory because the arrest and subsequent jailing of the murderer seems to do more harm than good to the other people involved, ruining more lives than just the murder itself did. Of course, because the story thrives on nuance, the murders committed tend to me spur-of-the-moment and often accidental, which is not necessarily the case in real life. Or is it?

On the one hand, I could be drinking the Kool-aid that the show puts forth, and in real life, there are many more diabolical murders taking place. But I really don’t think so.

On the other hand, many murder investigations lead to false imprisonments as I unfortunately have read a good deal about since becoming a donor to The Innocence Project, which uses new sophisticated DNA methods to exonerate innocents convicted of murder, most of them after they’ve been in jail for a decade or two or more. It sickens me that so many lives can be ruined by over-zealous and down-right criminal prosecutors.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that a prosecutor will not face any liability for deliberately incriminating an innocent murderer by withholding evidence and the like, I have to come to the conclusion that many unsolved homicides should stay that way. The idea that someone can be convicted of a crime based on a good deal of circumstantial evidence doesn’t sit well with me. If you don’t have a clear-cut case of murder, then you must acquit. I believe that crimes that carry severe punishments should carry a much higher standard of proof as well instead of just beyond a reasonable doubt. Why criminal cases stop at that burden of proof, I don’t understand. I’ll leave it to law people to come up with a better standard.

I used to believe that capital punishment is fine for egregious crimes, believing that only a tiny percentage of those convicted were in reality innocent. How could we sentence someone to death without a conviction beyond the tiniest shadow of a doubt? But we do, and we do so more than a handful of times.

So let some go free so that everyone can move on with their lives. Old cold cases leave unsolved and move on to the thousands of crimes that are fresh.

Note that a high percentage of crimes go unsolved. According to this article,

In 2008, police solved 35 percent of the homicides in Chicago, 22 percent in New Orleans and 21 percent in Detroit.

To me, suspiciously, statistics are almost the opposite in other cities:

Yet authorities solved 75 percent of the killings in Philadelphia, 92 percent in Denver and 94 percent in San Diego.

Could such high prosecutorial rates simply be attributed to better and more resources and smarter people? Or are prosecutors more aggressive and sometimes ruthless in pursuing convictions?

Those who murder time and again are probably easier to convict. Focus on them and easy-to-solve crimes. A random, elusive murder with little evidence? You simply have to let the perp go.

2nd April
written by Dame Suzy

I was encouraged by news that Amir Hekmati, U.S.-born ex-Marine, would be offered a new trial by the Iranian Supreme Court. He was sentenced to death in January for allegedly being a U.S. spy. I admit that part of my interest in his release is that he’s attractive, and more than that, looks like a really nice guy – look at those eyes! Note that this last link takes you to his family’s site which was created to help free Amir.

I hope this story has a happy ending. Lots of love and support to Amir and his family!

7th February
written by Dame Suzy

One of my Italian friends had posted a status update that it was snowing in Milan. I thought it would be one of those that melts quickly, but it’s holding strong.

As a result, there are fantastic photos of snowy scenes, including on the island of Mallorca, Spain, at Hello! Magazine.

22nd January
written by Dame Suzy

When I first read the article about the live rape, my first thought was, “How disgusting!” Daniel Echaniz, a cast member of the Brazilian Big Brother, had had sex with Monique Amin while she was passed-out from being drunk, and those filming the act did nothing but keep rolling the video cameras.

Then my, “innocent till proven guilty” chip kicked in and I googled his name. Many pictures that indicated, “4 days ago,” etc. showed the two of them in bed together, one with him looking sleepy and her leaning over him.

Suddenly, I thought, “Perhaps they were already having sex together. She could very well have consented to sex but been drunk enough to have blacked it out.” Suddenly my outrage was put on the backburner and my faith in the goodness of most people resurfaced.

I clicked on one of the photos of them together which brought me to the Argentine Noticiero Diario‘s article which quoted, “Both confirmed that they drunk alcoholic beverages but were conscious of what was happening, confirmed that they touched each other under the blanket,” said Antonio Nunes, of the civil police, without being able to confirm if there was penetration then the young woman “did not want to undergo a physical examination of crime.”

Oh, so much for the scandal. Another couple having drunken sex. And now I feel sorry for having detested the guy. Luckily my disgust lasted only two minutes.

21st January
written by Dame Suzy

Leave it to the Russians to make crystal meth seem like lollipops.

They’re making Krokodil, and it eats the flesh and muscle off your body but in the meantime gives you a heroine-like feeling.

You know you wanted to see it.

19th January
written by Dame Suzy

My man just introduced me to Quora.

Here’s my Quora page: so you can read more from my twisted mind.

It’s a lovely little site for people to share knowledge, experiences, and in general stimulate the cerebral muscle.